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JUST LAUNCHED! New European Bauhaus Call for proposals for Citizen Engagement Activities

EIT Community invites applicants to develop and submit applications aligned with the New European Bauhaus initiative (hereinafter NEB) focused on developing long-term solutions in collaboration with citizens to deliver transformation that match the needs of a wider community.

The present EIT Community call for projects aims to work on activities where citizens and end-users are not only asked to identify relevant challenges of their city aligned with New European Bauhaus challenges, but also empowered to co-create together potential solutions in an ideation process. It is expected to encourage/incentivise the uptake of more sustainable habits, through co-creation of new products, services or solutions with citizens, empowering citizens to implement new solutions in their communities and triggering change by actively influencing local policies.

Further on all proposals need to embed and integrate all the three core New European Bauhaus values (sustainability, aesthetics, inclusion) and all the three key New European Bauhaus principles (multilevel, participatory, transdisciplinary approach) into their projects.

Supported activities

Given the objective, expected outcomes and impact of the 2022 projects, grants shall be awarded for the implementation of co-design of public realm and social and educational activities aiming to respond to the New European Bauhaus challenges:

  • Re-connecting with nature
  • Re-gaining sense of community and belonging
  • Prioritising the places and people that need it the most
  • The need for a long term, life cycle and integrated thinking in industrial ecosystem

An application must address at least one of the EIT Community NEB Challenges mentioned above; for further information including examples of specific types of activities please carefully read Chapter 4 of the Call document.

Who can apply?

Private or public legal entity may apply, consortia are not eligible.

KICs partners and non-partners are eligible to apply. Applications from RIS countries are positively encouraged.

For further eligibility information please check Chapter 9.1 of the Call document.

EIT funding allocation

The funding rate is 100% up to 15.000€ for each project.

Overall eight selected projects (ideally two proposals per EIT Community NEB Challenge) can be implemented in eight regions/cities located in the European Union Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries from 1 of July to 31 December 2022.

How can you apply?

The process is organised in a one-step application procedure. Please read the Call document carefully and consult the EIT Community team if necessary. More information about the types of projects, the application process, you will find in the documents for download:

EIT Community NEB 2022 Call Citizen Engagement Activities

On 26 April 2022 at 09:00 CEST Online the Call info session will be organised. For participation please fill in the online registration form until 21 April 2022.

You can check here the presentation used in the Call info session and review here the Q&A.

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