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As 2022 comes to a close, the Boardmatch Team have been busy planning ahead for the New Year. We are delighted to share the news that our official 2023 Training Schedule has been confirmed!

Whether you have a chairperson who would like to develop their relationship with the CEO, a group of highly-experienced trustees who would like to refresh their governance knowledge, or a board member with limited financial reporting and governance expertise who wants to learn the basics – we have a course lined up for your NFP.

*Please note, ALL of our courses are facilitated online via Zoom, and all of our courses are CPD approved.

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January – May Schedule: 

“Understanding Governance and the Board’s role –
Trustees’ Training”

This training provides a comprehensive overview of the role and responsibilities of not-for-profit board trustees/directors

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“Charity Chair Training –
The Art of Being an Effective Chair and Chairing Well”

This course is for existing Chairs looking to develop their role, or prospective Chairs wanting to have a greater understanding of the role.

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“Governance Refresher for Experienced Trained Charity
Board Members”

This training is for experienced or previously trained charity trustees/board members looking to refresh their governance knowledge.

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“Financial Governance: A Gentle Course for the Non-Financial Charity Trustee”

This course will cover the basics of financial governance to ensure all charity trustees have an understanding of their charities’ finances.

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“The Chair’s and CEO/Manager’s role in building high-performance boards”

This  training brings the CEO & Chair together to  build their partnership and strengthen the entire board. Must be attended by a pair.

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“Board Culture – Responsibility of Trustees for Setting & Monitoring Culture”

This course is focused on the Board’s responsibility to set and monitor the culture of the organisation.

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If you have any questions or would like to book a place,
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