From Euclid Network:

Please find a message from our European Partner. If you are a member of ISEN, please contact us and we are happy to support your application.

Dear EN members,

We hope 2023 is off to a great start for you and your community members, partners and beneficiaries.

2023 already promises to become another exciting year filled with opportunities. Of course EN wants to bring these opportunities to you, your organization and communities.

These  opportunities include amongst others:

  • Speaker opportunities at exciting events such as the Social Enterprise World Forum and ImpactFest.
  • Expert, consultant, coach and trainer opportunities in funded projects from for example the European Commission,, SAP and others.
  • Nomination opportunities for awards such as the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise, or Social Innovation Awards of the Schwab Foundation.

This will help us to capture what expertise you and/or your community members have that we can be aware of and can act on pro-actively when opportunities are shared with us.

The first opportunity that we will address this week and next week consist of finding and nominating speakers from the EN community for the events of the Social Enterprise World Forum in 2023. These include the SEWF Youth Forum on 28 March 2023 (NB: speakers need to be 30 or younger), SEWF Policy Forum on 24 May 2023, and SEWF 2023 (online and in-person in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) on 11-12 October 2023 (NB: side-events taking place on 10 October).

We are looking forward to hear what knowledge, insights, creativity, visions and expertise you are willing to share to help transform to a more fair, inclusive and sustainable world and society.

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