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We Make Good Operations Manager (Circular Design Focus) About We Make Good

We Make Good is a social enterprise based in Dublin, Ireland, that aims to create sustainable employment opportunities for people from marginalised backgrounds. We produce high-quality garments for the Irish fashion and homewares industry in a way which reduces the environmental challenges of manufacturers (small MQOs, local production meaning reduced airmiles, reduced waste, a preference for circular and ethical materials).

We Make Good also collaborates with local artists, designers, and social enterprise makers to create a range of own brand products and homewares. In addition to supporting employment and skill development. We Make Good is committed to reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices in our products. The organisation uses recycled and upcycled materials whenever possible, and strives to minimise its environmental impact in all aspects of its operations.

We Make Good is a socially responsible and environmentally conscious organisation that is making a positive impact through our innovative business and commitment to equality – we aim to show how business can be done in a way which actually benefits people and the planet. We are increasingly recognised as leaders in this work, and are looking for a senior leader to join our dynamic team and help bring us to the next stage of growth and social impact.

We are looking for an Operations Manager, with experience in circular economy, to oversee the day-to- day operations and support business development. The successful candidate will have a strong background in production management and a passion for sustainability and circular economy principles.

Words to describe you: You believe in change and doing things better. You get things done, while bringing joy and connection to those you work with. You are kind, creative and optimistic, seeing potential in challenges. The business fundamentals are always your starting point, and efficient and well honed systems make you happy. Your business partners, colleagues and customers trust you and rate you very highly.

Words to describe us: ambitious and a little scrappy, big beliefs that are realised through hard work and commitment, we are kind and value humour while being dead serious about producing quality work and creating a lasting social impact.

Responsibilities will include:

Production and Project Management

● Managing new project critical paths and pricing

  • ●  Managing production schedules. Problem solving and ensuring timely delivery
  • ●  First point of contact for all new business and wholesale and contract orders
  • ●  Developing proposals and costings in conjunction with workshop managers
  • ●  Working closely with print and textile studio managers on production schedules
  • ●  Developing and implementing production processes that minimise waste and maximise efficiencyBusiness Development
  • ●  Developing new income streams and services
  • ●  Engagement of new clients / contracts through direct contacts and lead generation with a focuson wholesale and manufacturing contract work
  • ●  Stakeholder engagement and management
  • ●  Contributing to business strategy – budget and model development
  • ●  Operational finance – pricing, invoicing, reporting and monitoring, and systems development (withWMG team and finance team)
  • ●  Development of new products in conjunction with WMG team and SE partner servicesManagement, Team and HR
  • ●  Human Resources: staff recruitment (this requires significant stakeholder engagement with other not for profits community organisations for SE roles), management support for staff team, HR admin. Overseeing key HR processes (supervision, appraisal etc).
  • ●  Work with CEO and WMG Key Worker on SE client supports and advocacy (can include letters / references, training and supports can be provided for this)
  • ●  Building management: first point of contact for landlord, responsible for communications on rent negotiations, repairs etc
  • ●  Utilities and admin: set up and management/maintenance of all utilities, banking and other systems
  • ●  Ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations and ethical production standards
  • ●  Support to Senior WMG Team: Work flexibly on resource planning, problem solving, logistics,research and development, managing suppliers, materials/equipment purchasing, and general

    decision making.

  • ●  Developing and managing efficient systems across all aspects of the businessStakeholder Management and Administration
    • ●  Working with our range of corporate and creative partnerships to advance the organisational goals (partners include NCAD, MACE, CIFD, other corporates, designers). Including developing new partnerships.
    • ●  Engage with the core funder (Pobal / CSP) and manage all returns and reporting (twice annually), manage queries and managing funder relationship, ensure efficient record keeping and compliance with their standards (we are audited approximately every three years)
    • ●  Engage with new funders and other labour activation schemes: research, management, set up and administration.Circular economy business development
    • ●  Identify circular business opportunities within the Irish business economy
    • ●  Understand landscape of Irish Design Industry and have an interest in changing the paradigm
    • ●  Developing and managing sourcing processes
    • ●  Research and development regards innovation and opportunities

Personal Requirements:

  • ●  Minimum of 3 years of experience in operations management, preferably in a manufacturing, apparel business or production environment
  • ●  Passionate about circular economy, environment production and innovation
  • ●  Strong knowledge of product development, scaled manufacturing and life-cycle analysis
  • ●  Highly motivated to achieve goals, think creatively and take well considered risks
  • ●  Experience in sustainable and ethical production practices, particularly in the context of circulareconomy principles
  • ●  Flexibility and ability to work effectively with a team, building strong relationships
  • ●  Excellent problem-solving, creative problem solving and decision-making abilities
  • ●  Ability to work well under pressure, manage multiple tasks efficiently
  • ●  Strong organisational skills and attention to detail
  • ●  Proficient in Microsoft Office and other relevant software
  • ●  Competence in budgeting, costing, business models and business analytics
  • ●  Strong commitment to social justice and equality and ability to empathise and work with our socialenterprise staff, who come from marginalised backgrounds.
  • ●  Interest in social enterprise business models
  • ●  Ability to generate sales and partnerships and excellent stakeholder management skills
  • ●  Innovative and driven to make a differenceReports to: The CEO
    Based in: 24 Mountjoy Sq East, Dublin 1 Hours and pay
  • ●  Full time: 39 hours
  • ●  At least 4 days a week
  • ●  €36,000 – €38,000 based on experience. Bonus will be paid once targets are achievedKey goals for 2023 / 2024
  • ●  Increase business turnover by 15% a year, allowing for introduction of bonus system
  • ●  Establish series of workshops for the public
  • ●  Launch political tee shirt range
  • ●  Extend our products and services in circular economy
  • ●  Establish and embed new systems
  • ●  Extend range of wholesalers and regular contract clients
  • ●  Launch ranges currently under developmentColleagues and Culture


    This section is to provide you with an idea of the senior team division of labour. Key to our values are:

  • ●  We aim for a non hierarchical structure, this is lead by the work of Frederick Laloux, see
  • ●  We are very flexible in our roles and the supports required to achieve communal targets, while also having departmental targets

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  • ●  As a non for profit all surplus is invested back into the goals of the business, which are to: create opportunities for people from marginalised backgrounds, contribute to circular economy innovation in Ireland and be a leading voice in sustainable fashion and social enterprise, supporting Irish design through the process
  • ●  We aim to increase turnover so we can enhance pay rates for all staffCEO (Caroline)
    • –  Strategy development in conjunction with the team
    • –  Oversight of plans and budgets
    • –  Senior team staff support
    • –  Governance
    • –  Fundraising (in collaboration with Operations Manager)
    • –  Stakeholder management (in collaboration with Operations Manager)
    • –  Supporting HR and Sewing and Print room Managers (in collaboration with OperationsManager)

      Sewing Room Manager (Sarah V) / Print Room Manager (Trish, part time)

      • –  Overseeing the hiring and training of sewing machine operators and other staff
      • –  Pricing for apparel and homewares manufacturing
      • –  Overseeing all production quality assurance
      • –  Maintaining and repairing sewing machines and other factory equipment
      • –  Managing inventory and purchasing of raw materials and other supplies
      • –  Contributing to all business discussions and new product developmentMarketing and Sales Manager (Sarah R, part time)
    • –  Responsible for retail sales
    • –  Popup shops and events
    • –  Marketing and social media
    • –  Website management
    • –  Coordinate on B2B sales and events (in collaboration with Operations Manager)Staff key working role (Yvonne, as needed)
      • –  Supports staff with personal challenges (relapse, housing, counselling access etc)
      • –  Coordinates with CEO / Operations Manager on advocacy as neededTo apply:
  • Please send a CV and either and email or preferably a short intro video, saying why you areinterested in the job to by 5th of May
  • Please note interviews will be held on 19th of May so please keep this date free in case you areshortlisted.

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