Bridging the Great Green Divide: International Learnings for Scotland, United Kingdom

16 May 2023

15:00-16:00 CEST
14:00-15:00 BST




The green transition is among the most formidable tasks the world faces, transforming local labour markets, as workers move into different occupations and sectors. It will create new types of jobs, result in the loss of some existing jobs, and change the skills required for many jobs. As the geography of these transitions will differ, a place-based lens will be vital for policy.

Join us to hear the latest findings from the 2023 edition of the OECD flagship publication, Job Creation and Local Economic Development, learn from international experiences, and discuss the implications for Scotland.  

Bridging the Great Green Divide: findings from the new OECD report

Setting the Scottish context   

Panel discussion: international learnings for a successful and just green transition

Moderator: Paul Zealey, Skills Planning Lead, Skills Development Scotland and Member of Economic Development Association for Scotland (EDAS) Board, Scotland, United Kingdom


About the event

This webinar is part of the OECD Local Development Forum co-organised with the Economic Development Association of Scotland (EDAS). The Forum is a community of thousands of individuals worldwide, united by their shared commitment to making their communities more resilient, inclusive and sustainable. It brings together representatives of regional and national governments, employment and training agencies, economic and community development agencies, chambers of commerce, social innovators, businesses and NGOs from dozens of countries. Through its events and online resources, the Forum serves as a venue for peer learning, disseminating local innovations and best practices at the global level, and bringing the OECD’s work beyond ministries to local communities.

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