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What is the BuyWisely Project?
Buy WISEly aims at enabling work integration social enterprises (WISEs) and mainstream businesses (MBs) in involved countries to design, foster and implement transactional partnerships, including trade relationships, for sustainable buy social B2B market to respond to the several identified needs and address current shortages of the labour market by using a holistic approach.Who are the partners involved and in which countries does the project operates?
The project gathers partners from 5 different countries: ENSIE from Belgium (lead partner), ISEN from Ireland, Arbeitplus and WKO from Austria, De Omslag and MKB Amsterdam from the Netherlands, Consorzio Sociale Abele Lavoro from Italy.
RISE RomaniaSocial Entrepreneurship Association of LatviaTransistor (Italy) and Dublin City Council (Ireland) are associated partners of the project.

What will we do during the project?
During the project we will:

  • Raise awareness on the added values of “buy social” B2B market and WISEs towards mainstream businesses
  • Strengthen the operational and financial capacity of WISEs for effective cooperation with mainstream businesses
  • Encourage mainstream businesses to support up/re-skilling pathways
  • Develop transactional partnerships between WISEs and mainstream businesses through concrete actions

What have we done so far?
For the moment, the partners have met twice online, for the kick-off meeting, the first project meeting and a first peer-to peer working session. Moreover, the first two deliverables of the project have been published! You can read more about them here below.

Find more information of the project on its dedicated webpage and dowloading the infosheet.

Project deliverables

Booklet of successful B2B partnerships

The Booklet of successful B2B partnerships provides an overview of good practices of transactional partnerships already in place between Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISEs), and Mainstream Businesses (MBs). In addition to the participating countries Austria, the Netherlands, Italy and Ireland, it encompasses good practices from France, Spain, and Romania. All 19 good practices were selected in the light of ensuring upscaling potential and include a description and indicate elements leading to the successful partnership.

The booklet is available in EnglishFrenchDutchGerman, and Romanian.

Here below are two valid examples of partnerships included in the booklet:

Breedweer-Van Gogh Museum

Breedweer, a Dutch WISE active in providing cleaning services, and the widely renowned Van Gogh Museum are carrying on a fruitful collaboration, with a focus on sustainability and inclusivity in facilities management. Breedweer’s commitment to social impact aligns with the Van Gogh Museum’s vision to lead in sustainability and inclusive employment. Through a rigorous tender process, the museum recognized Breedweer’s dedication to fulfilling Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), finally selecting them as the preferred partner. Since the partnership started, remarkable results have been achieved. Breedweer has at least a 25% reduction in CO² emissions, emitting substantially less for the entire company than their competitors. Moreover, Breedweer’s inclusive hiring practices have led to the integration of eight individuals into the workforce, with two transitioning to permanent roles within the museum. Currently, three individuals from marginalized backgrounds are contributing to the museum’s operations, exemplifying the tangible impact of this collaboration.

Credit: Breedweer


JobTransFair, a non-profit dedicated to supporting disadvantaged individuals in the job market, and boulderbar GmbH, a leading bouldering facility in Vienna, have started an impactful cooperation. Through this partnership, JobTransFair connects individuals facing structural barriers to employment with opportunities at boulderbar, providing support and guidance throughout their assignments. The first individual assigned by JobTransFair now holds the position of Head of Technical Services at boulderbar: a sign of the transformative potential of this collaboration. The success of this initiative extends beyond individual placements, as it has also fostered a strong link with the Syrian community, opening doors for numerous individuals from this community to find employment at boulderbar. This partnership exemplifies the multiplier effect of non-profit placement coupled with the dedication of an inclusive and committed corporate partner. By providing opportunities for those who face significant challenges in the job market, JobTransFair and boulderbar are collectively building a more inclusive and equitable society.

Credit: JobTransFair

Report on survey on MBs knowledge of WISEs and the social purchasing policies

The report presents the results of a survey sent to both WISEs and MBs in Austria, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands. It outlines the current knowledge of MBs (including their representation and networks) about buying social in general and from WISEs, their ongoing social purchasing policies and the percentage of B2B revenues of WISEs. The insights of this report serve as a preliminary contextual assessment and is strategically as it will allow to measure the project impact later on. It provides valuable input for subsequent study visits and focus groups, as part of the three-phase work package on awareness and capacity building.

Read the full report here.

Latest news

Kick-off meeting

On the 6th of July 2023, partners of the Buy WISEly project met online for the kick-off meeting. Tasks leaders explained the Work Packages tasks and deliverables to the rest of the consortium.

First project meeting

On 28 November 2023, partners of the Buy WISEly project gathered for their first project meeting. The first steps needed to complete the project’s deliverable were addressed. During the meeting, the consortium planned the launch of the Booklet and the Survey.

First peer-to-peer working session

On 27 February 2024, #BuyWisely hosted the first peer-to-peer working session, an opportunity for participants to showcase their innovative projects, and to uncover opportunities and challenges of B2B partnerships between WISEs and Mainstream Businesses.Notable contributions came from Wieteke Dupain from Euclid Network and Fabiana Pompermeier and Dorotea Daniele from DIESIS. Their Buy Social Europe and BuySocial B2B projects emphasized the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing between WISEs and mainstream businesses in empowering social enterprises and drive sustainable business practices, presenting them as projects BuyWISEly can interact with.

All along the meeting, project partners presented the ongoing projecrs and collaborations in their countries. Through collaborative learning and exchange of best practices, participants reaffirmed their dedication to driving impactful initiatives, with a focus on sustainability, social inclusion, and economic empowerment.

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